Ventos Maritimos Beach House.

What to do!

This beach house is situated within walking distance of the most easterly point of the Americas and is the first place in all the Americas to experience the rising sun! On the beach at the point itself, there are lots of small bars and restaurants where you can pass the afternoon very easily. Why not visit the lighthouse known as the Farol and at the same time the newly built cultural centre just behind it. Work has already started on a conference centre which will bring more acclaim to this part of the city.

Sea turtles. As the beach house is located to the south of the city you are well located for exploring the southern beaches which include Conquerinho and Tambaba... world famous for their sea and sand quality.

Tabatinga beach. Beach buggy tour. Tambaba beach.

Palmtrees at night. A sea bar!!. Areia Vermillia.