How to get there!

Go out of the complex and turn left and either walk along the beach or across the dunes towards Cabopino Port. Or walk on the tarmac road up towards the Hotel Artola. Turn right just before the hotel along a residential street. Turn left again and at the top turn right and walk behind the barrier along the side of the N340 until you come to the roundabout at the top of the exit road. Take the first exit and make your way down the hill by turning right at the T junction and then go down to the Port, there you will find Alberts on the left amongst many others.
'Excellent value for money, fantastic interior!'

Alberts outside. Alberts inside. Alberts outside.

Menu for Alberts.

Alberts menu. Alberts menu.

What you can expect!

Alberts inside. Alberts inside. Alberts view.